Potential Of Hydrogen

Potential Of Hydrogen

What's that you say..?? The ph scale ranges from 1-14, acidic to alkaline. A healthy vaginal ph ranges from 3.5-4.5 to keep the vagina feeling Pretti. When the ph goes above the normal range, things could get Pretti ugly. If the ph goes higher than 4.5 unhealthy bacteria starts to grow causing bacteria vaginosis (bv). The way you cleanse your vagina plays a major role in keeping the vagina balanced. Since most soaps range from a neutral 7 to a high alkalinity of 11, it's no wonder so many women struggle with bv. Using our line of vegan foam washes is a healthy alternative to using harsh soaps on the vaginal area. Our line of ultra soft foam wash will keep you clean, all day fresh and feeling Pretti.
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Hi,Andrea it’s me Showanda. I am moving but I need some more items and I love everything you do.Thanks,from your Mississippi family.

Showanda Brown

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