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Be Bella Starter Kit

Be Bella Starter Kit

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What I’ve learned over time is that the soap you and  partner use is one of the greatest causes of imbalance amongst other things 💕

Once you ditch your toxic soaps, all it takes is consistency in your new regime for optimal vaginal health 💕

Pretti Kitti Balance, Dream Whip, Bigg Dawg, Unrefined Coconut Oil, Gentle Blend Vaginal Tea and  Ph Balance Suppositories have worked wonders for several of my customers💕

I also recommend getting a good probiotics for women at your local health food store 💕

No more suffering in silence or being self conscious💕

This Set Includes 
Pretti Kitti Balance, Dream Whip Soap, Bigg Dawg Male Cleanser, Unrefined Coconut Oil, Gentle Blend Bath Tea and 3 Ph Balance Suppositories (Not to Be Taken By Mouth)