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Be Bella pH Balancing Complete Starter Kit

Be Bella pH Balancing Complete Starter Kit

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What I’ve learned over time is that the soap you and  partner use is one of the greatest causes of imbalance amongst other things 💕

Once you ditch your toxic soaps, all it takes is consistency in your new regime for optimal vaginal health 💕

Being more mindful of what you’re putting in and on your body is key for you as well as your partner💕


Each product in the Starter Kit is fragrance free and is made with therapeutic grade essential oils 💕

Pretti Kitti Balance for your private area, Dream Whipped Soap for your body(Daily continued use), Bigg Dawg for his private area, Unrefined Coconut Oil to combat yeast, Gentle Blend Vaginal Tea and Ph Balance Suppositories have worked wonders for several of our customers💕

I also recommend getting a good probiotics for women at your local health food store 💕

No more suffering in silence or being self conscious💕

This Set Includes 
 Pretti Kitti Balance, Dream Whip Soap,  Bigg Dawg Male Cleanser, Unrefined Coconut Oil, Gentle Blend Bath Tea and 3 Ph Balance Suppositories (Not to Be Taken By Mouth)

The Mini Set Does Not Include The Bath Tea

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