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Pretti Frequency Facial Set

Pretti Frequency Facial Set

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This high frequency facial set is designed to attack acne, hyperpigmentation, wrinkles and dryness. Made with turmeric niacinamide and hyaluronic acid this skin loving set boost collagen production resulting in a youthful appearance.


The Turmeric Gel Cleanser helps even skin tone and remove hyperpigmentation with a gentle lather


Our Gentle Chamomile Rose toner balances and tones the skin after cleansing. Also can be used to cleanse hands before meditation and manifestation.


Our Niacinamide Gelee helps minimizes pores, lessen hyperpigmentation boost collagen and reduces acne


The Facial Love Oil helps acne, irritation, hyperpigmentation and hydrates. Made with argon, rosehips, castor, soursop and squalene. Also can be used on pulse points to attract love and promote sensuality


If you have dry skin it is recommended to add Vitamin C Serum/Cream

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